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About the Conference

The International & Comparative Urban Law Conference, sponsored by the Fordham University Urban Law Center and TU Berlin - Campus El Gouna, is gathering scholars virtually and in Berlin for its seventh global conversation about the field of urban law. As the Conference will explore, the intersection of cities and the legal system raises vital, pressing questions about urban governance, the structure and scope of local authority, and the role of law in the entire urban experience.

The Urban Law Center thanks the following individuals for their invaluable work in organizing the conference: 

Professor Nestor A. Davidson
Faculty Director, Urban Law Center
Albert A. Walsh Chair in Real Estate, Land Use & Property Law
Fordham University School of Law

Christopher White
Program Coordinator, Urban Law Center
Fordham University School of Law

Professor Dr. Rudolf Schäfer 
Study Dean, Urban Development Department
TU Berlin - Campus El Gouna

Papon Kumar Dev 
Lecturer/ Research Associate, Urban Development Department

TU Berlin - Campus El Gouna

Martin Meyer

Coordinator/ Research Associate, Urban Development Department

TU Berlin - Campus El Gouna




About The Urban Law Center at Fordham Law School

Located in New York City, U.S.A., the Urban Law Center at Fordham Law School is committed to understanding and shaping the role of law and legal systems in contemporary urbanism, advancing the scholarship, pedagogy, and practice of urban law, and affecting the most pressing issues facing the world’s metropolitan areas. Law is central to almost every aspect of the life of 21st-century cities, influencing critical issues as diverse as the structure of local governance, the regulation of the built environment, sustainability, and social justice in the urban context. In turn, the complexity, density and diversity of urban life shape the law. A majority of the world’s population is living in urban environments for the first time in history. Through its innovative programs and initiatives, and in collaboration with interdisciplinary partners, the Urban Law Center aims to be a premier resource for exploring and elevating the role of law amidst the myriad conditions that face global urban commons. 

You may learn further information about The Urban Law Center here.

Contact Information: Nestor Davidson, Faculty Director /

About The Urban Development Department at TU Berlin - Campus El Gouna

Rapid urban growth currently poses a great global challenge. Theoretical and operative tools adapted to the social, economic, and institutional conditions of the respective region are needed to address this challenge. The master’s program in Urban Development trains scholars to become experts in urbanization processes in Europe and the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa). Curriculum provides a comprehensive but also detailed understanding of urban development shaped by a breadth of technical knowledge from the fields of urban planning and development, urban project management, urban infrastructure, and interdisciplinary studies. The study program has a particular emphasis on sustainability, specifically on the link between ecology, economy, social context, cultural background, and governance. The Urban Development master’s program is held in two locations: the TU Berlin campus in EL Gouna, Egypt and TU Berlin’s main location in Berlin.

You may learn more about TU Berlin Campus El Gouna here

Contact Information:

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